More Chains, the Better

When I was younger, I use to think Gold & Silver mixing was a HUGE no-no. It’s still not my favorite but it’s not that bad. Here, I’m rocking gold necklaces with a silver chained velvet top. I paired it with casual pants and a multi-patterned jacket for flair. The jacket & top are definitely the stand out pieces, since the rest of the outfit is simple. Whenever I have a simple outfit on and I feel like it needs more, I’ll pick out a standout piece because that’s all it takes for the whole outfit to become unique. It also doesn’t look messy with trying to bring a bunch of different styles together. Lastly, I’m wearing moss green sneakers to add some color!

Top: Maniere De Voir

Pants: Aritzia

Shoes: Fillingpieces

Jacket: Lazyoafs

Necklaces in order of top to bottom:



(Fairfax flea market)


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