Sporty Girl on the GO!

A very fun thing I like to do is incorporate one style of clothes and merge it with another. For this look it’s sporty or streetwear combined with girly. With living in LA, skirts and short clothing are acceptable 85% of the year, so in the middle of winter I pulled out the short skort! Yes this ‘skirt’ is a skort. I paired this red skort with a Gucci bralette because the two pieces compliment each other well in the girlie sense, but I added the jacket to make it less revealing. Not that there is anything wrong with revealing a lil skin šŸ˜‰, but for this particular look I wanted the focus to be the entire outfit rather than my skin. The chain on the skirt inspired me to pair this cage purse. Lastly, I chose to wear Spiridon’s because I liked the color of them in comparison to the rest of the outfit and there’s something cool about having a cute girly look and pairing it with bulky shoes, IF it’s done properly.

Top: Adriana Sahar

Bottoms: Maniere De Voir

Jacket: UO

Shoes: Nike

Purse: Nasty Gal

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