Hello Everyone

Welcome 2018!

I hope everyone is doing well and feeling the cleanse of 2018. This year we are going to be even more knowledgeable, successful, honest with ourselves, and hard workers than the previous years! As the days unfold, I figure out more and more what I want out of 2018 and I want to be honest with you all. I LOVE what I do, blogging, fashion, influencing, modeling, and acting. As I grow, so do my wants and needs. As much as I want to please my audience I also have to please myself. Going into 2018, I will be focusing more on blogging and less on Youtube (sad to say.) Now, just because it’s the end of my Youtube journey doesn’t mean it’ll be the end of my video content. I will continue to post videos on Instagram, Twitter, and even my blog, but I just don’t feel as passionate about Youtube as I do my other outlets and that’s doing a disservice to myself and my viewers who were only getting 1 video every 2 months. With this being said, LETS bring in amazing blogging topics, issues and discussions here. I really would like to get on a deeper level with my audience and my blog will be able to help me bridge that gap. Hopefully those reading will understand and still be there with me throughout my 2018 journey! Thank you so much ALL and LOVE YOU!



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