We are Woman 

2016 has been the year of the woman, it has been an introduction for women to truly accept themselves and be empowered by other women. As a young woman, it is always refreshing to have fellow support and encouragement from other young women who are like minded like myself, in believing women are capable of doing anything and being more than just our outer appearance. The perfect woman who constantly exudes confidence and strength is Maya Angelou. From her graceful poetry to strong leadership skills in civil rights activitsm, she has never allowed her gender to hinder her strengths or beliefs in equality but moreso empower herself and other women. She reminds us to stay graceful and support each other as women which only makes us stronger as a people. Dogeared jewelry feels the same passion at Ms. Angelou by having a collection solely dedicated to her and what she stood for! Their new #DogearedxLegacyCollection intergrates her beautiful poetry with their beautiful jewelry to make a graceful but bold statement. With the new collection, it’s a constant reminder of what it truly means to be a woman! “A woman is careful with judgement, is courteous, has courage and is much given to kindness, support and respect for other women”
@Dogearedjewelry #MayasWords #DogearedxLegacyCollection

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