The 10 Do’s & Dont’s of Disneyland 

This past week I had the best time reliving being a 5 year old and went to the wonderful world of Disney, my personal favorite place on earth. If you’ve never been, it’s an amazing experience with bubbly characters, music, food, and rides. If you have been, then you know how hectic it can be! I’m going to tell you my personal Do’s and Dont’s of Disney!


1. Do get a churro, a caramel apple with nuts, their pineapple ice cream, or ice cream sandwich. It is the best decision you’ll ever make IN YOUR LIFE! 

2. Do go to Pizza Port and get the chicken Alfred pasta, also a very rewarding meal (that may give you the itis!) 

3. Do get fast passes for your rides! I had no idea until 2016 that fast passes were free. It is a super great way to save time and energy. I used fast passes for almost every ride and was able to get on each ride twice. Also, get the Disneyland app, it’ll help you map out the park and give you wait times! 

4. Do go to both parks if you can! I was able to buy a two day pass so I went to Disneyland one day and California Adventure the next day. A very rewarding experience! Disney is a little more for kiddies while California adventure is the teen sibling. 

5. Do go on everything! Go on every ride and do watch the firework show. It’s the cutest thing ever. I watched it when I was 10 and cried, not much has changed lol!


6. Don’t wear shoes that you actually care about. Talk about scuffed. Whether someone is 5 or 50, they will step on your shoes and you will get upset. It’s best to wear comfy shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

7. Don’t bring a selfie stick. I learned the hard way. 

8. Don’t expect the food to be THAT good. I know half of this list is me bragging about the food, but those are because I’m talk about snacks and treats! Most of the food is overpriced and will make you sluggish so then you waste precious ride time. I left the park to have lunch, it was worth it.

9. Don’t pay for parking around the park unless you have to. I am Queen of FREE parking! LA is notorious for ripping people off when it comes to parking and $40 for parking alone will empty out your fun spending money (unless you have a premium pass that includes parking!) I parked somewhere free in the neighborhood and ubered to the park, $5. 🙂

10. Don’t go as a third wheel! If you’re going in a group, make sure it’s an even number of people so if you guys want to split up, everyone has a partner. It’s no fun being alone!

Enjoy your next Disney trip! 

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