Walking on Water 

Dior my love, I thank you for these amazing Lucite booties, Fall 2015. 

This past fall, Dior came out with the most amazing funky boots that set off a major trend, CLEAR HEELED BOOTIES! 
These shoes received major attention after Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing the grey Lucite booties with the pink heel. After this, everyone was dying to get their hand on a pair because there was such a wide variety. It didn’t take long before other designers made their own interpretation of these shoes. Kanye West made a pair of translucent booties that were apart of Yeezy Season 2, but weren’t released to the public. 

These received major attention after his wife, Kim Kardashian posted and wore them. Because the shoes above are designer shoes, your average person most likely won’t be able to buy them but with the help of other shoe companies you can find many replicas.

Jeffrey Campbell has my favorite, because they look closest to the Dior booties. I own a pair of the JC Lucine booties in black with a clear heel, but they come in a wide variety of textures and colors: 

Second best are Simmi Shoes London. I recently found out about this website but as soon as I saw their clear booties I bought a pair immediately. These shoes resemble the Yeezys more, but they also have Lucite look a likes too. 

Other websites that carry similar shoes are Public Desire & Lamoda shoes. Tell me what you think about this trend, YAY or NAY? 

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