Dear Diary: 1

March 14, 2016

Dear Diary,

This is a new segment I’d like to start on my blog just to keep you guys updated on what’s going on in my life! Sometimes I don’t always have the time/help to post on all my social media so some get left out. This will help us all stay interactive.

Now, onto my life.

Currently I’m in bed a little stressed out. I’m checking up on emails and trying to figure out how I’m going to please ALL these requests. I have companies wanting to work with me, photographers wanting to shoot, videos that need reviewing, and events that need RSVP’s. These might sound like such trivial issues, but they matter to me!! Besides these social media issues, I’m fine. Charles just left my house after hanging out all weekend and it was pretty cool. We went to a currently private, but soon to be open exhibit at MOCA titled ‘Don’t Look Back 1990’s’ and the art had some amazing meaning + stories behind them.


Besides Charles and I, my room is a mess. I’m undergoing the process of rearranging my room (this happens every month I swear) because I have NO SPACE. I have so many clothes and no place to put them, my room has become a closet and less of a living area. Again, trivial problems that matter to me!

Live footage of my room currently…

I currently have classes every Saturday morning from 9-12pm and it’s pretty cool. We analyze poetry and short stories a lot, for example we just read Othello by William Shakespeare and I LOVE that play. Super dramatic (just like me lol.) I recently switched my major in college (see my college video here) from Theatre to Communication studies, so I keep thinking all my courses will be rearranged, but then I remember USC transfer requirements are all one in the same. I really want to start taking classes that pertain to my major, but I can’t yet because that’s strictly for the university you choose to go to. Just a thought, but why does social media make life seem so easy? There are so many people I know who haven’t gone to college and are very well off? Does this mean I’ll be the same? No. So why do I feel anxious to finishing school and just live my life when life doesn’t even work like that? You know those super young teenagers on Instagram with 500k-1M followers who just travel all year and shop with their boyfriend and friends and go everywhere? Yes, I want that, but don’t we all? I guess if we all strived for that, jobs would disappear. We all gotta do something right? I don’t know, but I do think social media gives us (me included) a false sense of hope and it’s truly a different world.

I’m going to start a business soon. I’m not going into details, but just be on the lookout 🙂

Lastly, I’m really trying to change my diet man. I was talking to Charles earlier about how hard it is to eat healthy especially in LA where a piece of lettuce costs $14.99 and a salad is like $34.99. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of fast food, and junk all the time, but I was starting to feel the results of eating terribly all the time. I feel so much better when I eat green foods, fruits, nuts, proteins, etc. My biggest dietary problems are sugar. I LOVE SUGAR. I don’t drink soda or eat candy, but ice cream, cakes, and cookies have my name all over it. I’m trying to cut those things down because it catches up to you faster than you’d think. I buy salad kits from Ralphs (like $3) and it’s the best thing ever. Granted I may be a little hungry after, I feel better and I can always eat something more, as long as it’s healthy.

Well that’s all for now. Zolee signing out.


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