Fake Freckles 

Freckles are beautiful facial/body features that some are naturally born with and others like myself must draw on with make-up! I’ve been intrigued with freckles lately and also inspired by some of my lucky friends. I watched a couple YouTube tutorials that were super strenuous and I wasn’t patient at all, so I decided to try a freckle face on my own! 

Here are the tools I use:


Smashbox always sharp brown lip liner
Beauty Blender & Brown Eyeliner or Lip liner
It’s really simple. Take a liner of your choice, with a sharp tip and draw small dots in the area of your choice! Once that’s complete, take your beauty blender and lightly dab over the freckles to make them more opaque. I do this to make my freckles look more realistic and less drawn on. Just like that, you’ve got a freckle face! 

To see a live tutorial, add my snapchat below!  Tell me what you think of this tutorial. Thanks. 


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