Velvet Caviar & Embri Cases

I’m not going to speak for all girls, but I know I personally like pink and glitter, so when the two are combined I feel magical! If you want to upgrade your phone without actually changing the face or back of it you can go to VELVET CAVIAR! They have all your iPhone decals and cases! Their choices of cases and accessories are so vast it’s hard to choose one! I choice the pink glitter decal and the faux Cartier bracelet! If you’re looking for a Cartier look alike without the bill being $7,000, Velvet is your place to go! They have other jewelry pieces too and in all different colors (gold, silver, rose gold!) Definitely check out Velvet Caviar for your iPhone or Android accessory needs.

Embri, a cute Etsy shop, has similar accessories for your technologies including decals but what stood out the most to me was their laptop cases! I’ve never seen glittery laptop cases and not this quality! I love this case because it protects my laptop from top to bottom! No more scratching the bottom of your laptop because it will be covered! If you’re looking for an inexpensive laptop case, Embri is your one stop shop!

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