Happy 18th Birthday Zolee!

Happy Birthday to me! This post is a little late considering I needed time to celebrate my birthday, but now I can give you all the details of July 30th and the following weekend. I turned the big 1-8 this past week and it was amazing. My day started off great with a trip to my favorite restaurant, Bottega Louie with my dad, Sab! IMG_3125 IMG_3165IMG_3190 I love Bottega because they cater to your every need and the food is always AMAZING! There’s no such thing as ordering incorrectly there! IMG_3183

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The next day was even more exciting. Earlier in the week, I put a car on hold at the dealership. If you know me personally, this is my third car because my previous two gave out on me because of how old they were and I was carless for about 7 months, which is pretty hard on a teenager in LA! On Friday (the day after my bday), I was fortunate enough to go PICK UP MY NEW WHIP! I treated myself to a new 2013 VW Beetle in the color “Blue Denim,” my favorite color for the car.


I have been wanting this exact car for some years now, so being blessed enough to own my own is truly amazing! I was(am) so elated, half the time I have to pinch myself.

Later in the day, I picked up my two friends Georgia and Courtney so we could all hang and get our nails done, lunch, etc.



After lunch, we got our nails done and I was able to flash my new mani with my new car keys too + my Hipstapatches!

IMG_3227 Can you believe these are my real nails too? Best birthday ever!


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