BeautyCon Weekend

This past weekend, I was blessed enough to be invited to BeautyCon and to attend all their VIP events! This was my first year at BeautyCon and for me to be a new and upcoming Youtuber, I was very appreciative to be attending.

Day 1: The first event I went to was the Teen Vogue & Neutrogena kick off party. IMG_2203

Outerwear: Fevrie Top: DressLink Pants: Virgo Shoes: Zara

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I was greeted by food, drinks (from Suja), fellow social media personalities, press, and a lot of skin products. I met so many amazing people, it was great.

Day 2: I went to the Makers Studio Pool Party.

The party took place at the renown Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

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It was great when I arrived to see I wasn’t the only person without a bathing suit (the irony of this party was we couldn’t actually go swimming.) Upon arrival, I caught up with some old friends, whilst also meeting some new friends, i.e. Suede Brooks, Jill Cimorelli, and Bianca Alexa to name a few. The party was hosted by Maker Studios and accompanied by Minnie Mouse and The Platform YT. IMG_2250 IMG_2233 IMG_2231 This was one of my favorite parties from the weekend because of the vibes. Everyone was extremely nice and friendly. Not to mention, I received some amazing goodies from Tattoo Junkee, NYX Cosmetics , and #MinnieMouseSliceofSummer! IMG_2225 IMG_2220 IMG_2234 IMG_2236

Day 3: ‘Too Faced Brunch/BeautyCon’

My day started off early. I woke up around 8 o’clock am to be on my way to the ‘Too Faced Brunch’ with my mom. This party was at the Perch Rooftop hosted by Too Faced Cosmetics. Before arriving, I coincidentally walked past a Beautycon ad and had the pleasure of posing by it to show off my first outfit of the day.

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Top: Joah Brown Skirt: Lucy Paris Shoes: JustFab Hat: Brandy Melville
 When I made it upstairs, I was greeted by of course, more bloggers, drinks, a plethora of food to choose from, and a makeup bar. I began my party experience at the breakfast table because you guys know I like to eat. While sitting, I met Mandy otherwise known as MakeupbyMandy and Teala Dunn, along with my newest friends Sienna Spalding and Ava Allan. Everyone looked amazing, there were cute outfits everywhere and dramatic makeup EVERYWHERE.

 Once I ate till my heart was content and did all my mingeling I realized it was time to head to the main event, Beautycon! I rushed out of the Too Face brunch, whilst grabbing my goodie bag and headed to the car. After walking in heels for two hours, my feet were already done. I ran to the car barefoot in Downtown LA wearing the ‘walk of shame’ face bright and obvious. Once in the car, I gathered my second outfit and did a quick change.


So really quick before I get started, for those who don’t know, BeautyCon is an annual beauty convention where all beauty booths come to the convention to sale and giveaway items. It’s also a place to scout and meet your favorite social media celebs and the occasional actress or actor.

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Top/Pants: Thrifted Shoes: Doc Martens

When I arrived, the crowd was already booming and this was on the outside! I get dropped off and wait in the Pro line. After waiting for what seemed like forever because I was anxious, I found myself all alone because my friend and plus one (Asia G.) had yet to arrive and my managers were inside Beautycon while I was stuck outside. While wandering around and checking out what the event had to offer outside, I ran into some friends while making new ones (Diana Moore and Karina Kho.) We were extremely overwhelmed because while all of our managers and friends were lavishly inside, we were desperately on the outside trying to get in. If you’ve ever been to BC, you know how hectic it is and crowded it gets. It was SO crowded, the fire martial actually shut down the building for a little while. We decided to take a break from waiting and mingled outside to hopefully meet some fans. For it being my first year, it was amazing for me to even have so called “fans,” (I like to call them supporters instead.) I met a lot of great supporters who were really sweet and told me about their day which was just as hectic as mine. After grabbing a couple drinks, the girls and I tried again to enter BC. Finally, with the help of my amazing agents, we were saved from the outside and pried into the building and immediately as I entered, I was greeted my more supports to my surprise! It felt so great to see so many beautiful faces, cool personalities, and take photos with these dope people (shout out to anyone I met at BC.) So the girls and I figured it was time for the real action to begin. We go upstairs and enjoy BC. I went to almost every booth, but my favorites were Nasty Gal, Nyx, and Tarte! 

I ran into Jill upon walking around when she informed me about the VIP lounge party!

 At this point, I was beyond excited because this meant food, music, and dope people to meet. Asia and I were escorted downstairs immediately and began our VIP experience. There were celebrities left and right! Timothy DeLaGhetto, Destin Conrad, Lohanthony, Eva Gutoski, etc to name a few.

IMG_2327_2 IMG_2329_2

It was so cool meeting all these people because we all talked and chilled like we were already friends. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, I was in awe. I was chilling with Asia when I hear my favorite teen star is at the party, the most humble, respectable, and gorgeous young lady – Zendaya. 


She was the nicest and cutest person ever, I introduced myself to her and we took a photo and briefly chatted. She is just as amazing in person, as she is on social media and tv. Following Zendaya was my new fashion crush, Karrueche. 


She was also very nice and very tiny, but in the cutest way. So after my fan girl moments, I elegantly walk back into the party and continue to munch on finger foods until I notice something. Everyone is dawning 3 big important bags on their shoulders and I’m thinking to myself “these must be the goodie bags and how do I get one!?” Well, after expressing my excitement and eagerness towards these bags, my manager swoops me backstage and awards Asia and I with our own goodie bags. At this moment, not only was our day made, but so were our lives. With all 3 bags on one shoulder, I could barely walk. BC was basically over at this point, so Asia and I said our goodbyes and were on our way.

Overall, BC was amazing and I had the time of my life!

Check out my Goodie Bag Haul HERE!

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