The Snack that Smiles Back

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’re familiar with my recent ‘obsession’ with Goldfish Puffs, the snacks! 
Well you’re right! 


I was contacted by Goldfish and asked if I would be a social media promoter for them. Of course I agreed to such a great opportunity.

For 3/4 months now, I’ve been doing group posts where I post pictures of me incorporating my favorite Goldfish snacks into my everyday life. For sometime, this confused a lot of my followers on why I was so “obsessed,” until I cleared the air about my reasons for posting so frequently.

People now love the concept and encourage me when I post. I have even had a couple snapchat, twitter, and text messages of friends and followers BUYING Goldfish just because of my constant posts. I think it’s safe to say, I’m doing my job correctly. 


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